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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Apocalypse Sized Building Pt 2

Part one of this post covered cutting and assembling large scale buildings for an apocalyplse battle

This post will cover the final steps in getting the buildings ready for battle. Step one was taping the window pattern onto the buildings. I used blue painters masking tape as it's easy to pull off and wouldn't damage the black paint. This part of the task took a couple of evenings and quite a bit of tape.

Once the buildings were properly taped I painted them with grey primer. My initial plan was to use the airbrush and give the windows a base in grey and spray offset highlights in each window. I was hoping this would simulate reflected sunlight. Time did not allow for this so they just got a basic single coat.

Once the paint dried I was able to remove the tape. I think they turned out well!

Man that took alot of tape!

If I make another set I'll improve a few things. I'll take more care in cutting and assembling the boxes. Possibly make a jig to help line things up.

I'm considering texturing the walls and/or roof using spray texture. Flekstone or a similar stone effect.

Airbrushing effects for windows and ageing would help give them a bit of personality, as would signage, graffiti, and imperial decrees.

Templates for the windows may be faster than tape. That saved time may be taken up by touchup due to underspray. Experimentation would be required.


  1. They looked pretty interesting as blue with black windows!

    I'm reminded of the old arcade game "Rampage!"

    Can't wait to see them tomorrow.

  2. Blue with black windows is an interesting color scheme. Maybe we can consider it for next time. The tape was already falling off when I went to spray the windows so I don't think it would have survived the battle that way :)

  3. They were awesome for the game Mike. I think though that next time we could allow units to deploy on top before the game. Then fast skimmers could get up there , as well as deep striking troops, titans could see to shoot them as well as flyers. On the ones with the ledge, Jump troops should be able to get to the top with 2 moves (even though it is slightly more than 12") If we came up with a couple more, we could put them side by side and make sort of a hive world feel. And again. They looked and worked great, (as I hid behind the one on my end, twice.

  4. Thanks Steve. I agree that a mechanic for actually getting on the buildings would be great. These were last min, and we talked about it. Without actually having them, it was hard to talk about how to interact with them. I think for the next game we'll definitely have some rules on how to get on and off of them as well as how to blow them up :)