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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Eldar Apocalypse, Part 1

The above picture shows my current Eldar Apocalypse army with the addition of a couple of borrowed units. (All of the silver & black stuff is mine.) I've got a Warlock, Phantom, Armorcast Revenant, Towering Destroyer Knight, 2x Scorpion (type 1), 2x Tempest, Cobra (type 1), Vampire Raider, 2x Nightwing, Void Dragon Phoenix, Cloudstrike Squadron, 2x Fire Prism, a ton of Wave Serpends (including the old steam-iron looking one), and a bunch of Wraithguard, Wraithlords, Seer Councils, Fire Dragons, and Phoenix Lords. On the far end is my Star Dragon super-super heavy from the last post.

I'm working on the upgrades for our next battle, date TBD. I've already purchased a Forge World Revenant (They're tiny!), and a standard Phoenix. I've got permission from my wonderful, understanding wife to purchase the Forge World Phantom whenever it comes out and an ebay lead on some more Revenant pieces. The second Star Dragon has its hull more than half built. That feels like a pretty good upgrade. Of course, there is one more addition...

The above picture is a Battlefleet Gothic Eldar Nightshade. Man, I just love the look. It reminds me a lot of the Babylon 5 Minbari Sharlin War Cruiser, as do all of the BFG Eldar. I've decided, as part of a future Apoc-Eclipse scenario, I'm bringing an Eldar space ship.

Obviously it won't be a true Nightshade, since the BFG-to-40k scale would make it about the size of a shopping mall, but it will be based on that hull design. The thought is that it will be the Eldar equivalent of a PT boat (patrol-torpedo), manned by 50-200 Eldar and captained by Prince Yriel. (He was on an inspection visit when the call to arms went out.) They managed to break through the orbital blockade and are taking the fight to the ground forces.

The rectangular area under the hull is an 8' plastic banquet table, to give you a sense of scale. The main parts of interest are:

  1. Bridge. There will be full access to the bridge. It will be modeled and will hopefully be a fun place to battle.
  2. Torpedo tubes. The basic profile of these will be the Deathstrike Missile (non-Apoc version) with a bigger blast template. The Eldar player places a marker on the main table where the torpedo will land next turn so the enemy has a movement phase to get out of the way.
  3. Main gun. Something extremely nasty.
  4. Engine parts.
  5. Nova Prism Cannon (see Star Dragon).
  6. Pulsar Inteceptors. Normal Pulsar mode or Heavy 2, AA, Interceptor.

The majority of the table will be at the level of the table top with the main nose cone on the front.

The expectation is that this will be a full-on model on the next battle field. If you can shoot it, you can shoot it. The craft will have a pre-set flight path; where it will be on which turn. Flyers will be able to engage it. Hover-mode flyers will be able to land on it. Teleporters can to. Grav shutes, jump infantry, and drop pods will have a hard time, but it'll be possible. There will be transit via wraithgates to and from the surface. You won't be able to remove all of the structure points, but you will be able to take out the engines, weapons, or C&C. I hope it'll be a blast.

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