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What could be worse than a Space Marine Legion that fell to the Chaos powers and rebelled against everything they once respected? We don't know, but it was probably pretty bad.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Just stumbled upon an old image of some Falcon cookies! We made them a few years ago to celebrate the release of the most-recent Eldar codex. They were super yummy and not a bit cheesy!

I need to vent a bit. Last month I ordered an Eldar Phoenix from Forge World. Added to the rest of the shipment, it qualified for the rapid UPS shipping. When it showed up all I got was the base hull and the flying stand (the nice Valkyrie one). After complaining, they told me that there was a problem with the mold. A week or so later they finally shipped the other pieces. When I received them, I was missing the two plastic canopies. Fast forward a 13 days later and the envelope containing those finally arive. They were crushed. I'm very disappointed and feel that I'm likely to take my business to eBay.

On the good side, they've responded to my e-mails quite rapidly and were very friendly. I never had to resort to calling.

How has it been going with your interactions with online vendors?


  1. I've worked with lot of online stores for minis of late (I don't get as much time to shop away from the office anymore) and I have only had one error in recent years. An online store sent me someone else's order. I emailed them with the other person's info, and they sent another complete order to both of us, and told us to keep the error items. It was pretty sweet. Wish I could remember who that was to give them credit, but it was a while back.

    I've never had any other errors.

  2. Oh, and I hope you had milk with those falcon cookies, because they are Legen-Dairy

  3. I feel your pain, Matt. I think Forgeworld/Games Workshop *really* needs to come up with a way for US consumers to get more direct access to FW stuff.

    And I don't mean "ordering so much from FW they ship it across the ocean for free," but a REAL local (ish) solution.

    I generally have great service via online resources. However, I generally don't order anything outside of the U.S. So it makes the rare need for customer service much easier to deal with.