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What could be worse than a Space Marine Legion that fell to the Chaos powers and rebelled against everything they once respected? We don't know, but it was probably pretty bad.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Warmaster Horus and new Knight Titan


Saw a couple of posts around the Blogasphere today about the good ole Ronin Primarch miniatures, so I figured I'd post a picture of where my Warmaster Horus is at the moment. He's assembled and pinned. He came with a different right talon, but I replaced it with Abaddon's awesome bit.

While at Toys-r-Us shopping for my son's birthday/Christmas, I saw a new line that Lego is putting out. It's called "Hero Factory." Like Bionicle from a few years ago there are several different sized lines. The $20 line is the biggest, and they are awesome! I picked up the one called Von Nebula. The legs and arms are fully articulated; as articulated as any titan model I've ever seen. Here are some pictures:

At attention (with a Farseer for scale):


Now, in what I call "Forgeworld's Bloodthirster" pose:

Titan 2

I need to get him in a shot with my Towering Destroyer Knight and with my Warhound. He looks a lot like a knight, but is a lot bigger. I plan on replacing the arms with a turbo laser on one side and some sort of CCW option on the other. I will be filling in the open areas and making it look more 'closed-up', but I think it is a great place to start. If a model can be posed that dynamically, it surely will look good with a better paint job on it.


  1. Wow, the Horus is pretty awesome. I had seen the Hero Factory sets a couple times but using them as a skeleton for a titan never occurred to me.

  2. Those Bionicle sets seem to have a lot of uses; this guy uses them to make make scratchbuilt Transformers, like Devastator and Omega Supreme: http://www.frenzyrumble.com/