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Thursday, September 30, 2010

MJ;-) Project Log: Logan's Hunters Revived!

Having recently moved, and been reunited with my precious Warhammer 40,000 models that were in storage since late-spring, I have now been getting anxious about a triumphant return to the 40k hobby - particularly the gaming side of it.

I'm sure I'll dabble in a few one-off games in the near future; however, my first "milestone" for 40k gaming is an Invitational Tournament coming up in November. 2,000 point armies for this one.

{on a side note, this tournament is the 2nd annual one where players battle for the "coveted" Warmaster trophy. RussN. took home the trophy last year, so is hosting the next one as he tries to defend his title against almost a dozen other gamers.}

So, 2,000 points. What to do, what to do...

Ah! I know!!! Get my Space Wolves Terminator army out, and get it all ready for the event!

Piece of cake. Only 27 Terminators and 3 Drop Pods to paint up. About 5 weeks you say? No problem... (at least, I hope not)

So its looking like I need to average one squad per week. Doesn't sound too difficult, but my first squad is already showing some weak links. Primarily, my "assembly line" style of painting doesn't transpose as well to units who are made up of differing models. Its more of a "7 Tactical Marines + HW + AW + Sgt" kind of methodology. Not so much a "Termie1 + Termie2 + Termie3 + Termie4 + Termie5" kind of way.

So for now, no pictures for you! I see looking back through my older two Space Wolf Project posts revealing my "secret" and then detailing their assembly, the pictures there are of bare plastic. I'm mid-way through my first squad at the time of this posting. So I hope to roll out another post in the near future showing their primed-washed-drybrushed base, and then start showing off finished units as they get done.

Until then, hang tight - more posts ARE on the way!

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