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Thursday, April 15, 2010

MJ;-) PROJECT LOG: Secret Revealed!

Over the last few weeks that we've been rolling out the DFIR blog, I have dropped subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) hints that I'm working on a new project - my "Secret Project."

The time has come to reveal this effort, and bring it out of the obscurity of secretiveness.

I present to you...


(cue cheers and raucous celebration here)

Ever since the new Space Wolves codex came out, I've been pouring over it way too much. Thinking, scheming, wondering, jotting down scribbly notes, re-reading, and generally being excited about a new codex for the first time in a long time. And I mean a LONNNGGGGG time...

I finally decided a few things about this project early in the year, so set to work putting my scheming into action.

First, I wanted to get off as cheaply as possible. This meant doing two things. One, requisitioning several of my existing models from other armies. Primarily two Land Raiders and two Dreadnoughts that used to be part of a Dark Angels/Deathwing army (but more recently have either collected dust and/or been used by my Black Legion). Two, relying on other unassembled miniatures I had lying around, primarily my Black Reach Terminators.

Second, by saving a bit up front, I wanted to splurge a little and treat myself to a few "upgrades" to the force. My "splurges" consist of a set of RESIN BASES FROM DRAGON FORGE MINIATURES, and a set of Terminators from the Space Hulk board game. Although the resin bases are from the Dragon Forge Parched Earth series, I think I can paint them up fairly nicely to represent cracked ice/glacier and snow. The resin bases were definitely a splurge on my part; however, the Space Hulk Terminators really turned out to be a bargain. I found an ebay store (pfc.games) that was selling a few sets of the 11 terminators AND the librarian for the wonderful price of $65. Not bad considering it net me a total of 12 terminators which would otherwise cost me over $100 MSRP at $50 per box of Terminators.

All told, the army currently consists of quite a bit. Logan Grimnar and Njal Stormcaller are the commanders. 25 Wolf Guard in Terminator Armor are the Troops (10 Black Reach Terminators, 5 Wolf Guard Terminators, and 10 Space Hulk Terminators). There's the aforementioned Land Raider, Land Raider Crusader, and Two Dreadnoughts, plus an additional Black Reach Dreadnought to support them. And Finally, 3 CNC Workshop Troop Landers (Drop Pods for Dreadnoughts) and 2 Games Workshop Drop Pods (for Terminators) round out the lot.

If the Techshop in Durham ever reopens, and DFIR poster MattP is able to get some time in there, Logan's Wolfwing will eventually add a nice Thunderhawk to their arsenal. ;-)

So all told, it was a fairly "budget" force - at least as budgetey as a 40k army can be.

$20 Logan (from Hangar 18 Hobbies in Cary)
$20 Njal (from Game Theory in Raleigh)
$50 Wolf Guard Terminators (from Hangar 18 Hobbies in Cary)
$12.50 Second set of AoBR Terminators (pfc.games on ebay)
$15 AoBR Dreadnought (pfc.games; they seem to be out of these currently)
$65 Space Hulk Terminators (pfc.games; they seem to be out of these currently)
$60 Resin Bases (Dragon Forge)
$0 Everything else I already had

I already have a few more Wolfwing Project Logs cued up in my brain, so expect a few more posts from me in short order!


  1. Sweet little army there MJ. A nice twist on your DeathWing addiction. They definitely performed well against my Orks the other day.

  2. Cool, MJ. Can't wait to play against them!