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Monday, April 12, 2010

PRODUCT REVIEW: Dragon Forge Resin Bases

Today I want to tell you about resin bases I recently purchased from Dragon Forge. I am fairly new to the whole world of resin. My first encounter with resin products was in the form of a bunch of bike bases produced by our very own DFIR poster MikeT. I've also dabbled in the realm of Forgeworld products, having utilized their Rhino Spaced Extra Armor, Deathguard Plague Marines Upgrade Pack, and Deathguard Terminators Upgrade Pack.

But as I began to formulate my latest SECRET project, I was trolling around the internet to add some unique flavor that really fit the theme of the force. That's when I happened across the Dragon Forge site, and their Parched Earth series of bases. My SECRET project does not involve a parched earth theme, but one of those light bulbs lit-up above my head as I looked at these, and I realized that I could make them match my new army's theme by painting them a certain way.

Looking at some other resin base vendors for a price comparison, it seemed like Dragon Forge's products were very reasonably priced in line with other similar products, and even lower than several of the sites I looked at.

So I was sold. I ordered up what I needed - some 40mm (seen above) and 60 mm bases (shown here), as well as some "Hero Bases" (seen at top of this post). Dragon Forge has a deal that you receive $5 of free product for every $30 you spend. Turns out the 60mm ones are exactly $5, so perfect, FREE 60mm base for me!

I received the products extremely fast. I believe I ordered the bases on a Wednesday or Thursday evening, and they were in my mailbox a few days later on Monday. Sweet!

Unfortunately, mistakes happen, and it turns out I received 25mm bases instead of the 40mm ones I had ordered. So I emailed Dragon Forge about this, and if I thought the shipping was fast, the email response was almost instantaneous! Jeff sincerely apologized for the mix up and said he'd get the right sized ones out immediately, and he gave me the option of returning the wrong-sized ones or not. I'm too nice of a guy (I hope), so wasn't going to stick somebody w/ a loss like that - resin is not cheap (according to MikeT and MattP here at DFIR). So I asked Jeff if I could keep 5 of the 25mm bases to use as themed objective markers and return the rest. Jeff's response was "Keep a whole set [of 10]! Its the least I can do." Awesome. That's customer service. Mistakes happen - what sets good vendors apart from bad ones is their customer care.

Within another couple of days (by week's end), I had the correct size bases.

Now, with product in hand, it was time to break those bad boys out and wash them up and use them. I inspected the bases, and was impressed by several things. First, the resin used was very sturdy, yet very lightweight, surprisingly lightweight. Second, the detail on the top surface was excellent. All five of the 40mm bases in a set are different, giving a good range of variety yet all tied-together with the themed uniformity. Third, the only air bubbles (voids) I could see were on the bottom of the bases, and only a couple of the bases had a handful (or less) of voids. These bases are very well crafted.

All in all, I have to give Dragon Forge an A++ for their bases. Selection (ie., variety) was great. Ordering was easy (online shopping cart with PayPal payment). Shipping was fast. Communication was very quick. Customer Service was OUTSTANDING. And the products themselves are excellent, both in quality and in craftsmanship.

The next time my project calls for some great resin bases, I will not have to troll all over the interwebs to find what I need, I'll just go to Dragon Forge directly and know that I'll be satisfied once again.

Thanks for the excellent bases, Jeff.

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  1. Actually, resin itself is quite inexpensive. Working with it is not easy. Making the masters takes some effort, and the latex mold material is pricey. This is really what makes resin things cost so much. The resin itself is the cheapest part of the equation.

    The bases look great!