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Monday, October 4, 2010

LOGAN'S HUNTERS: The Backstory

The Wolf stood in front of Logan; however, the voice he heard came from all around him as well as from within him. The Wolf did not move. Only the two cloud jets issuing from its nostrils in the frozen wasteland told Logan that it was not a statue. Somehow, though, Logan knew the voice he heard was that of the Wolf's.

The Time Is Neigh...

A fierce cyclone arose, and swirled around Logan, carrying him into the Heavens. The cyclone sped him through time and space until it instantly ceased to exist, leaving Logan high above a green-and-red scabrous looking planet.

Seek Now... The Time Is Neigh...

Logan Grimnar awoke with a start, his body sweating and his breath heaving. Logan knew the import of the dream instantly, though.

It was time to begin another Great Hunt. He knew not where this planet he gazed upon lie, but knew that it was this Hunt's final destination...

My Space Wolves Terminator project is based around the above idea - that of one of the Great Hunts for the Chapter's lost Primarch, Leman Russ. The force I am building represents Logan Grimnar taking a group of the finest warriors of The Fang and heading out on this journey - Adventure, if you will.

For this project/army, I hope to visually portray some of this backstory in the models themselves.

One way was by using a wild mix of miniatures including Wolf Guard, Assault on Black Reach, and Space Hulk Terminator models. Each Space Wolf in general is individual and adorns themselves with various totems and items, so I wanted these "Best Of" Space Wolves to be no different. The mix I have achieved visually shows that some of these warriors are relatively new to the Wolf Guard while others are ornate veterans. After all, as described in the codex, there is no basis for being a Wolf Guard, other than being chosen by one's Wolf Lord. Wolf Guard members can run the gamut between relatively new to the Grey Hunters or grizzled veterans of decades or centuries of warfare.

Another idea I had about this particular Great Hunt is that Logan would draw Wolf Guard from all the various Great Companies. However, they would all be unified in their quest. Therefore, rather than each one bearing his own Great Company's symbol and color (on the right shoulder pad for wolf guard in terminator armor), they all "ritualistically" re-paint their right shoulder pads black, thus unifying themselves as Brothers on the Great Hunt.

Finally, I'm sure that some of the Great Hunts have included many, most, or even "all" of the Space Wolves, but *this* hunt is more of a small and elite cadre of warriors setting out on the quest. Logan hand-picks a small number of Terminator squads, each with a means of transportation (in this case, the five packs have 2 Land Raiders and 3 Drop Pods), and in addition, Logan draws in some "support" elements in the form of 3 Dreadnoughts, a Thunderhawk, and his close aides Njal Stormcaller and Arjac Rockfist.

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  1. Great backstory Matt. Can't wait to see some of the painted models.