What's worse?

What could be worse than a Space Marine Legion that fell to the Chaos powers and rebelled against everything they once respected? We don't know, but it was probably pretty bad.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Scratch-Built Thunderhawk

Hey, all. Here's something I've been working on. It's a Thunderhawk made out of acrylic (0.22" and 0.08" thick) with some of the detail etched in. I've just put a coat of flat black spray paint on it and I can't believe how great it looks. The pictures don't do it justice.

It was a conscious decision to change the front sponsons to Lascannons. It's Apocalypse, so build what you want and make the data sheet reflect the model! They are Land Raider sponsons with the tips replaced with old Chaos vehicle sprue dragon heads. Under the front wings are Land Raider-sized doors. The turbo laser is made from three different sized acrylic tube.

A friend is helping me with the engines, so they should be here this weekend. I've got the wing-mounted twin-linked heavy bolters primed as well. I haven't settled on a bomb or missile payload yet.

Once the engines are on I'll get the better camera.



  1. Looks really nice! Can't wait to see a pic of it all gussied up and on a flying stand.

  2. That's excellent, any chance of a tutorial?

  3. I hope to see a squadron of them flying around Apoc-Eclipse hosted Apocalypse games sometime in the near future.