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What could be worse than a Space Marine Legion that fell to the Chaos powers and rebelled against everything they once respected? We don't know, but it was probably pretty bad.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

ARMY LIST: Deathguard (2,000 points)

(typhus image by MetalPoison)

This Saturday will see me throwing down for three games at a "2,000 point invitational RTT" event. (That means a friend has invited 10 folks over to his house to play three games of 40k; a "Man-Fest" if you will.)

During this event, I will play 3 games consisting of:
(a) Planetstrike Attacker,
(b) Cities of Death (Firesweep), and
(c) Standard v5 mission.

Given that I've spent the past several months working on my Deathguard army, I will be fielding them this Saturday. I concocted a 2,000 point list some time ago, and have had about half-dozen (or so) field tests with it. It is a solid force; my dice, on the other hand...

Even though fellow DFIR poster MattP will be at the event, it is a friendly enough environment that I have no problem posting my list here for all to see.

However, before I post my list, let me wax philosophical about my style of play.

I'm not a competitive gamer, I'm not much of a tournament player (and when I do go to tourneys, it's to get in 3 games of 40k and a break from 'real life' for a day), I am not a power gamer, nor do I "list tailor" for my opponents.

What I am is a fluff player. I love to build shoddy lists around a great concept, and then loose horribly with them. Trust me, I'm REALLY good at that. And that more-or-less explains my Deathguard list. Although, unlike many of my other lists, at least Plague Marines are tough as nails, so this turns out to be a fairly effective fluff list.


  • Typhus (225)
  • Sorcerer - Mark of Nurgle, Wind of Chaos, Personal Icon (155)
  • Plague Marines - 7 including Champion (power fist), 2 Flamers, Personal Icon, Rhino (x-armor) (266)
  • Plague Marines - 7 including Champion (power fist), 1 Meltagun & 1 Plasmagun, Personal Icon, Rhino (x-armor) (281)
  • Plague Marines - 10 including Champion (power fist), 2 Plasmaguns, Personal Icon (305)
  • Summoned Lesser Daemons - 14 (182)
  • Predator - Autocannon & Heavy Bolters (100)
  • Obliterators - 2 (150)
  • Terminators - 7 including Champion (twin lightning claws), Combi-Bolter/Power Fist, Combi-Bolter/Power Weapon, Combi-Melta/Power Weapon (2), Combi-Melta/Power Weapon/Icon of Nurgle, Reaper Autocannon/Chainfist (335)

1,999 points total, 52 models, 4 scoring units (5 if I decide to split the daemons in halves - we can use different lists in each game), 11 Kill Points.

So what do you think, folks? Decent list? Or another one of my classic "shoddy themed lists" that I'll have fun loosing 3 games with... ;-)


  1. This is probably a little late but,I suggest splitting the daemon squad and adding smoke to the rhinos. There are a couple fearless issues. Typhus and the plaguemarines are fearless but the sorcerer and the terminators are not.

    Let us know how you do.

  2. you say fluff, but still have 10 in a Nurgle DG squad, they should have 7 only..