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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Zarakynel Stand-In

I have a pretty sizable Slaaneshi Chaos army, both Emperor's Children and daemons. If anyone knows me, they know that I like to play Apocalypse games with huge and powerful units and money is rarely an object. That might lead someone to expect that I would have the Forge World Keeper of Secrets, Zarakynel.

My issue with Zarakynel is not the rules; an exception to most Imperial Armour stuff. It is mostly the fact that she is simply a big Daemonette. I like my Keepers to have a Minotaur-like look with a bull head.

My second problem with the character is the fact that I don't really use the whole 'pleasure' aspect of Slaanesh. All of my stuff is more about noise and pain. Plus, I have a wife and a 5-year-old and don't want to have a large, naked model around. So, what to do?

My friend Steve W. had a great idea. He suggested using the World of Warcraft Draenei Mage action figure as a less risque replacement for Zarakynel. I thought this was brilliant, so I got on the internet and found one. (Since they're sold out, I had to pay more than list for her.)
I'm going to have to paint her in my army colors, and I'm going to have to decide whether I should add the two claw arms. Watch this space for updates!

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  1. I got her out of the blister pack and assembled yesterday. The only assembly was putting on her tail and putting her sword in her hand.
    I have to say that she looks even more like a big Daemonette than I thought she would, particularly the 3rd generation of Daemonette (after the big claws but before the plastic ones).

    Her cloven hooves are fantastic. Her clothes are solid on her and, as such, I think adding two more arms would be very difficult. If I got her for the list price and not for double I might consider experimenting with her.

    I don't think anyone would mistake her for any other 40k model if they saw her on the battlefield, which is very important to me.