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Friday, November 19, 2010

Terminators, Terminators, TERMINATORS! (Part I)

What's your favorite model in 40k?

Mine (in general) is that of the mighty Terminator. I love them all. I love the clean and crisp lines Imperial Terminators exhibit. I love the spiky-goth-emo Chaos variant. And above all, I REALLY love the various Terminator Characters AND the Forgeworld Terminators.

Forgeworld SPACE WOLVES Terminators
Forgeworld RED SCORPION Commander Culln
Forgeworld ASTRAL CLAWS Commander Lugft Huron
Forgeworld WORLD EATERS Terminators
Forgeworld WORLD EATERS Lord Zuhfor
Forgeworld DEATHGUARD Terminators

But maybe you already were aware that I absolutely love Terminators, given my handful of posts regarding my Wolfwing project.

So today's post is simply going to compile several of the many Terminator resources I frequent on the internet. These aren't all my resources. And there's resources I used to visit frequently but are now dead (R.I.P. Gods of War). No, what I'm sharing here today is the more extensive Terminator (some even "Terminator-Centric") websites that try to deal with the whole package - painting, converting, playing, tactics, rules, galleries, and even background/history.

First up is one site that I have LONG kept an eye on, and returned to frequently to be inspired by lists and paint schemes.

I present to you, THE DARK FORTRESS by Isiah.

Isiah's Dark Fortress is a Dark Angels resource, with a heavy hand in the Deathwing Terminator world. The site has a ton of resources, but what I like best is the ORATORIUM, which compiles numerous images of painted Dark Angels forces and models.

The most recent addition to the Oratorium is RAZIEL. Raziel is a heavily converted Deathwing Commander sculpted by Scibor. Absolutely amazing. What has two thumbs and is jealous? THIS GUY (me).

If you're a fan of Imperial Terminators, I highly recommend trolling around the Dark Fortress' Oratorium checking out all the beautiful pictures of Deathwing Strikeforces.

Next up is an awesome site that has TONS of history on Terminators. Not the "fluff" type history, but the real history of Terminator Models produced through the ages.

I present to you THE VANUS TEMPLE.

Dezartfox has compiled The Terminator Tomb that shows some really really obscure terminator model productions that I have no idea where he even got the images from. Seriously, you probably don't want to lick some of those models, I suspect they're old enough to really be made out of lead. The Tomb also features wargear as well as Terminator tactics.

Dezartfox also has painted several Deathwing forces for himself, as well as commission jobs. He's included one awesome twist on painting - glowing green light effects. What has two thumbs and is jealous... yeah, you get the picture. Speaking of which, here's a picture of one of Dezartfox's Belial models, complete with glowing green effect. (side note: Necron players, you should incorporate said green glowing light effect in your 'Cron forces)

To wrap up the Deathwing resources, I'll point you in the direction of FROM THE WARP.

Ron has done amazing things with his FTW site. Primarily, Ron has collated over 600 blogs into his FTW Blogger roll. In fact, DFIR is one of the multitude of FTW blogs. The other thing Ron does is cover TONS of tutorials on modeling and painting. Numerous tricks and tips for conversions, and painting methods, and all sorts of things. The best thing is, while his posts feature something specific he's working on, the tips and tactics he's discussing cross-cut any army and even any game system.

"But Wait! What About The Terminators?!?" you're saying.


Ron is not only a premiere modeler, he also is a Deathwing player. Ron has moved outside the box to create a very stunning-looking Deathwing army, that features a very quick and easy paint scheme that really portrays a "battle hardened and in-the-thick-of-it" look. In other words, Deathwing after weeks of scouring a Space Hulk, not Deathwing marching across the parade grounds in gleaming white/bone armor.

Here's a shot of Ron's latest Deathwing force featuring the down-and-dirty look he's mastered (btw, the nutshell version of this paint scheme is prime, minor detail, wash, done).

Well, now. That seems to be more than I was anticipating. Yet I have LOTS more. Did I mention that I love me some Terminators? ;-)

So I'll leave it at that - Deathwing - and go label the title of this post "Part I".

Coming Soon to a DFIR Blog near you, Part II (Wolfwing, Counts-As Deathwing, and a variety of Chaoswings). Stay Tuned!

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