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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

MJ;-) Project Log: Deathguard Terminator Lord/Sorcerer

Personal Confession. I am NOT a converter. But what I AM, is a Kitbasher.

"What's the difference" you ask?

Converters are the types that can take something and add-to or alter it through the use of scratch items - sculpting epoxy, plasticard and plastic rods, cardstock, etc.

Kitbashers are the types that can combine pieces from different kits into a single model.

So today's topic is how I recently kitbashed a Deathguard Terminator Lord/Sorcerer. The inspiration comes from the existing GW Typhus model. What I wanted was a similar looking figure, but for use as a standard Lord or Sorcerer.

Oh yeah, and my apologies for the horrible pictures. Not only am I not a converter, but I'm also NOT a photographer...

Here we have a literal pile of bits. There's a mix of Chaos Terminator Lord bits, some standard Chaos Terminator bits, a few odds and ends - mostly from the WHFB Zombies sprue, and the coup de grace - a Forgeworld Deathguard Terminator Torso and Shoulder Pads. Ultimately, I did not use all of the bits shown, but I did use most of them.

Here we have the Deathguard Lord taking shape. I glued the Chaos Terminator Lord's scenic base and also used some 2-part plumbing putty to bulk it out a tad. After all, as a Chaos Lord, the guy certainly needs something epic to stand upon.

One of my most extensive Kitbashes to date is the Lord's Daemon Weapon. This one arm and single weapon took bits from five different kits. The most stressing part of this, but by no means was it "hard" to do, was cutting the Terminator Power Mace and hand off at the wrist so that the sorcerer's staff and hand bit would join seamlessly. Mission accomplished. So anyway, with a Terminator Arm, Sorcerer's Staff, Scythe blade from a Zombie sprue, a Possessed hook bit, and a few spikey things from who knows where, I welded all these things together to form a very Typhus-like Daemon Weapon.

In the end, I used my tried and true Lazy Man's Painting Method to give this guy some un-life. At some point, I hope to create a banner for his banner pole. Speaking of which, using mostly Zombie bits, the banner pole features some rotting carcasses/skeletons hanging from the crossbar. Good Nurgle Lord, Good Nurgle Lord...

Again, sorry for the poor pictures, but eh, what can I do...


  1. Great job, MJ! He looks horrible. :)

    Hopefully I'll see him at the post-Christmas battles.

  2. It is always good to see more recruits for Grandfather Nurgle.

  3. Impressive, to say the least. I always forget about WHFB bits when I'm looking for parts for whatever is in my head.