What's worse?

What could be worse than a Space Marine Legion that fell to the Chaos powers and rebelled against everything they once respected? We don't know, but it was probably pretty bad.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Apocalypse Battle Pictures

I just realized that I hadn't posted here to announce that the pictures are up from Apoc-Eclipse's most recent mega battle. It was held on 5/22/2010 at Game Theory in Raleigh, NC. They very nicely gave up the majority of the store for 12+ hours (accidentially on a Magic release weekend). Thanks guys!

Make sure to check out the videos. They give you a great sense of the game.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Titan Family Picture

Finally took a picture of my chaos super heavies. From the left we have my Tzeentch Warlord. In front of that we have my Slaanesh Warhound. Next is a Slaaneshi Reaver then a Khorne Reaver. My Silver Tower is after that, followed at the far right by the Slaanesh "Pleasurelord" Warlord.
I was a little worried how the two Warlords would work together, but neither outclasses the other. They do make the Reavers look pretty small, though.
Let me know what you think!