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Friday, January 14, 2011

Dark Angels (and other marines) Feeling THE LOVE!!!

shamelessly pulled from Necrotales

Let me be the 87th person to tell you this. Most of the Space Marine codexes (codecies? codeces?) got new FAQs today.

Who got a big boost in power today?

That guy (above).

Who else got a big boost in power today?

This guy (below).

another image shamelessly pulled from the interwebs at Prodigal Son Hobby Blog

So just in case you are the one guy out there currently habitating under a large lithic object, let me explain.

The new FAQs from GW, found HERE, not only cleared up some questions that crop up in the game, but actually altered some of the older codexes rules!!!

That's right. Dark Angels and Black Templars, who have been living for years with substandard equipment, had said equipment updated to be in-line with more modern versions.

Storm Shields that give a 3++ save.
Cyclone Missile Launchers that shoot twice.
Updated Power of the Machine Spirits.
Drop Pods with BS 4.
And (probably) a few other tweaks along those lines.

Now, you might be asking yourself, "MJ;-), what does this really mean?"

Good question.

For me, it is not so much the boost in power for those older codexes, to be similar to their other brothers. No. What this is to me is a fairly drastic departure in the FAQ world for GW.

See, up until now, FAQs simply fixed typos ("errata") and cleared up confusing situations ("FAQs").

These new FAQs now add a third category of "update." They add "AMENDMENTS." Amendments being actual changes to the rules, stats, and etc. in a codex.

Personally, I'm most excited about this addition to the FAQ line. As far as I'm concerned, my one comment to Games Workshop right now would be "Its About TIME!!!" This is the kind of thing a FAQ should be used for. Seriously. It alleviates the "issues" that crop up over the course of 6 to 10 years between a single army's codex editions.


So to all you Deathwing players (and Black Templar players) out there - Kudos TO YOU ALSO for sticking it out so long. Enjoy these new additions to your games.

Particularly because you all know that when a new Dark Angels codex comes along, terminators will be more expensive, and Belial will probably be in the 250+ point range.